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Management software for acupuncturists.

Manage appointments, treatment notes, and your business website with our all-in-one software, co-designed by a practising acupuncturist.

Pay as you grow & transparent pricing

Fixlinic management software is free to try for the first 30 days. Subscriptions are then priced according to your practice's growth and the number of weekly appointments.

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£10 / month

£5 / month*

up to 5 appointments
per week

£17 / month

£8.5 / month*

up to 15 appointments
per week

£24 / month

£12 / month*

unlimited appointments

All pricing is in British pounds (GBP). * Sign up while Fixlinic is in beta, and get a 50% discount month-to-month until the end of a beta program.


Precious about your diary? We understand that!

Our booking system is internal to a practitioner and 100% controllable by you!

We know that some acupuncture patients need more time than others. With Fixlinic, you can schedule overlapping maintenance appointments or a full one. Whatever works best for you.

Patient records & Treatment notes

Safe, secure and GDPR compliant, with straightforward access from any device.

But, most importantly designed with Acupuncturist needs in mind.

With Fixlinic, you don't have to spend weeks customising the forms or formatting the treatment notes. And our intelligent notes preview functionality will help you to take appointment notes during the consultation. No more catching up on your notes late at night!

Business website

Acupuncture practice needs a modern website that's easy to build and simple to read.

With Fixlinic, you can skip the middleman and build a high-quality website for your practice in minutes instead of days. Create unlimited web pages with text, links, images, and media. And you can make updates and changes anytime you need. No coding and no extra cost.


How was Fixlinic born?

Fixlinic was born out of a genuine need to simplify admin associated with running an acupuncture clinic and automating whatever is possible to save precious time. And we were a little jealous that even taxi companies or beauty salons have better custom tech solutions than us!

Acupuncturists are people who deeply care about others and deserve great software to free up as much time as possible so they can spend it on things that matter.

We are busy acupuncturists ourselves and have very little time! We want it to be spent on something other than paper-shuffling, texting customers or composing emails. We need software that can automate all the management tasks. And we figured that every practitioner does. So, equipped with loads of enthusiasm, our skills, experience and gallons of coffee, we started building Fixlinic in February 2022.

Do you like the project? Please tell us about it. We would love to hear from you and are open to suggestions on making Fixlinic fitting for any acupuncturist.

Did you know Fixlinic is free to try?

No payment information is required. Create an account in seconds and get full access to all features. And when your trial is up, enter your payment details and continue enjoying all that Fixlinic offers.

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